Living Fascia – New Treatment Strategies for Dynamic Fascia

12 In-Class Hours


Dr. Kirk Meier

This isn’t your Grandma’s Cadaver lab.  Learn the TRUE nature of LIVING Fascia and techniques to improve your patients Mobility and Functional Awareness.

The object of this course is to give doctors of chiropractic a new understanding for the true nature of living fascia and to help change their treatment strategies to match the dynamic nature of it. Understanding our education and learning process on cadavers and two dimension pictures of non-living tissue will help doctors to form new ideas to enhance the effectiveness of treating living tissue in patients.

Attendees of this course will soon realize the limitations of our education and will quickly be able to modify their thought processes to improve patients healing, performance and results.

Doctors will receive new treatment strategies to accelerate the healing process through myofascial decompression. Techniques in elastic therapeutic taping, dynamic myofascial cupping and compression band therapy will be introduced and continuing educational resources will also be provided for additional mastery of these techniques.

Doctors will be shown new dissection methods that show the continuous connection of muscles through anatomical lines that extend throughout the body from head to toe. We will then explore how chiropractic adjustments along these lines can be more than a local remedy for pain relief.
This is a new course developed and presented by Dr. Kirk Meier.

  • All “In-Class” courses include 4 state mandatory hours, 6 general hours of course work and 2 hours of Ethics and Law.
  • ALL required elements for CE credits are included in this course.
  • If you choose to include the online courses then you will also receive 6 online hours of Exercise and Special Needs Patients and 6 online hours of Nutrition and Special Needs Patients