Core Stabilization Plus Extremity Rehab

The object of this course is to educate doctors in the full spectrum of stabilization exercises.


Dr. Kirk Meier


June 24, 2023 - 8:00 am


June 24, 2023 - 8:00 pm


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This extension of the Core Stabilization Course will take you to the next step of Rehabilitation. This course covers the basics of Core Stabilization and teaches you how to modify ANY exercise for the specific needs of each individual patient. It will also explain some of the finer details needed for complete rehabilitation, including the cascading effects of muscle imbalances as well as the factors of rehabilitation. These factors and principles can easily be applied to ALL patients from competitive athletes to couch potatoes. We will also learn easy, functional assessments that accurately identify dysfunctional movement patterns and solidify effective treatment protocols with in minutes.

The object of this course is to educate doctors in the full spectrum of stabilization exercises. This spectrum includes factors of joint articulation, neuromuscular factors, myofascial factors, proprioceptive factors and factors of muscle physiology, which are essential in providing the best possible outcome for rehabilitation.

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  • All “In-Class” courses include 4 state mandatory hours, 6 general hours of course work and 2 hours of Ethics and Law.
  • ALL required elements for CE credits are included in this course.
  • If you choose to include the online courses then you will also receive 6 online hours of Exercise and Special Needs Patients and 6 online hours of Nutrition and Special Needs Patients
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