“Practical application is 100%”

– Dr. Malik Slosberg D.C.

“Absolutely stimulated my thinking. Very useful and the application to practice and helping patients is HUGE!”

– Dr. Jill Narlock D.C.

“The organization of stretches based on the patients posture showed me why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted and was easy to use the next day.”

– Dr. Chris Watson D.C.

“I’m glad the CCA summer expo was at a time I couldn’t attend otherwise I would have missed this.  Easily one of the best and most practical classes I’ve ever attended. Thank you.”

– Dr. Steve Haley D.C

“Love the detailed info, Because I’m a Science Geek….  Appreciate the little things that we often need to be reminded about.”

– Dr. Peter Cichonski D.C., Grand Masters Natural Olympia Gold Medal – Team USA Overall Open Champion

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