Mobility & Longevity – Tools & Techniques

This course is packed with many of the “Golden Nuggets” from the Core Stability PLUS, PRE-Habilitation and Living Fascia courses that you may have attended over the past decade.. We will be practicing Mobility moves and exercises that will help you and your patients live a Longer life as well as improving the Quality of […]

Living Fascia – New Treatment Strategies for Dynamic Fascia

This isn’t your Grandma’s Cadaver lab.  Learn the TRUE nature of LIVING Fascia and techniques to improve your patients Mobility and Functional Awareness. The object of this course is to give doctors of chiropractic a new understanding for the true nature of living fascia and to help change their treatment strategies to match the dynamic […]

PRE-Habilitation for Everyone

This course is a a step-by-step protocol that incorporates principles from the Core Stability PLUS course & Exercise Physiology course.

Core Stabilization PLUS Extremity Rehabilitation

The object of this course is to educate doctors in the full spectrum of stabilization exercises.

Clinically Applicable Exercise Physiology

The object of this course is to review the fundamentals of exercise physiology that doctors were taught in school and then learn how to apply them to the clinical environment.

Exercise & Nutrition for Special Needs Patients

Help patients with specific special needs with their exercise and nutrition routines.

Ethics & Law: Patient Relationships & Reporting Elder Abuse

Ethics and Law is included with all “In-Class” courses. This online version of the lesson should only be taken if you are not intending to take any “In-Class” courses.