PRE-Habilitation for Everyone

This course is a a step-by-step protocol that incorporates principles from the Core Stability PLUS course & Exercise Physiology course.

12 In-Class Hours


Dr. Kirk Meier

The object of this course is to educate doctors of chiropractic as to the benefits of pre-habilitation for all of their patients. Understanding the benefits of preventative measures not just for athletes or pre-surgical patients, but for patients who face functional deficits in their everyday lives.

Attendees of this course will soon realize that most of their patients are faced with an abundance of dysfunctional patterns that are caused by normal activities of daily living and will learn how to compensate and avoid the pitfalls of poor ergonomic choices of their everyday lives.

Doctors will see the cascading neurologic and physiologic effects of muscle imbalances.
We will review the anatomy and physiology of common conditions such as, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, pronation distortion syndrome, sciatica and others.

Doctors will discover an effective yet simple “find it, then fix it” protocol. This will help them to streamline their treatment as they learn adjusting, soft tissue, stretching and strengthening techniques that will maximize results and provide the greatest possible benefits to the patients.

This course is a a step-by-step protocol that incorporates principles from the Core Stability PLUS course & Exercise Physiology course. Learn how to detect length tension imbalances between opposing muscles,  predict the effects of reciprocal inhibition & hyper-excitable muscles and eliminate reciprocal inhibition. You will also learn to train injured muscle for muscular endurance and how to use proprioceptive exercises to reprogram hyper-excitable muscles.

  • All “In-Class” courses include 4 state mandatory hours, 6 general hours of course work and 2 hours of Ethics and Law.
  • ALL required elements for CE credits are included in this course.
  • If you choose to include the online courses then you will also receive 6 online hours of Exercise and Special Needs Patients and 6 online hours of Nutrition and Special Needs Patients