Mobility & Longevity – Tools & Techniques

This course is packed with many of the “Golden Nuggets” from the Core Stability PLUS, PRE-Habilitation and Living Fascia courses that you may have attended over the past decade..

We will be practicing Mobility moves and exercises that will help you and your patients live a Longer life as well as improving the Quality of your lives.

Improving the mobility of Hips, Shoulders & Knees as well as our spines is crucial to our survival and this course will show you many of the tools and techniques you will need to reduce and even eliminate those everyday aches, pain and stiffness that slow us down and allow TIME to creep up on us and rear it’s ugly head we recognize and accept as “Old Age”..

When you come to this class be prepared to move, stand & stretch if you choose to participate.. We will also be practicing Taping, Cupping and flossing tools and techniques for those areas that may be more difficult work..

If you do choose to participate, Be Prepared to be sore the next day…

  • All “In-Class” courses include 4 state mandatory hours, 6 general hours of course work and 2 hours of Ethics and Law.
  • ALL required elements for CE credits are included in this course.
  • If you choose to include the online courses then you will also receive 6 online hours of Exercise and Special Needs Patients and 6 online hours of Nutrition and Special Needs Patients